Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

One-Way to Moscow
(Moskau Einfach!)

Year: 2020
Language: Swiss German, German
Run Time: 98 minutes

One-Way to Moscow
One-Way to Moscow
One-Way to Moscow
One-Way to Moscow

It’s Zurich 1989, and a mild-mannered police detective, Viktor Schuler, is sent undercover to suss out the potentially dangerous “radical” politics of a leftist theater group as they mount a production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Undergoing a complete head-to-toe makeover, shenanigans ensue as Viktor’s plunged into a bohemian world of eccentric creatives, forcing this strait-laced official to somehow blend in while still conducting his investigation. As he probes deeper into the troupe, Viktor begins to question the validity of his assignment and finds his own prejudices challenged in ways he never thought imaginable. Featuring a winning ensemble of Swiss character actors in high comic form, ONE-WAY TO MOSCOW is a delightful romp bursting with vibrant period details and charming humor and offering a joyful salve to these trying times. As the final curtain rises and the film draws to a close, this sly political charmer speaks directly to the power of an open mind and open heart. (In Swiss-German with subtitles) — R.J.T.

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Film is Art

International Narrative Competition


Micha Lewinsky

Anne-Catherine Lang, Olivier Zobrist

Barbara Sommer, Plinio Bachmann, Micha Lewinsky

Tobias Dengler

Bernhard Lehner

Principal Cast
Philippe Grabe, Miriam Stein, Mike Müller, Michael Maertens

Film Contact

Community Partner

Consulate of Switzerland in Cleveland

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