Mavka: The Forest Song

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April 2, 2023 - April 9, 2023

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In this stunning animated fantasy from Ukraine, mythical guardian Mavka must protect her forest home from an evil lumber magnate who wishes to tear down everything she cherishes, even if it might mean ending her newfound love of young Lukash, a human musician who has touched her heart. —M.G.

Deep in the mystical Ukrainian forest dwells Mavka, the compassionate, emerald-haired nymph. A friend to all and selfless beyond measure, Mavka knows the tales of greedy, hate-filled humans who inflicted mass destruction on her land long ago. Yet, when she meets Lukas, a sweet villager on a quest to heal his ill uncle, the smitten pair begin questioning the deep-seated fears of each other’s kind. As their worlds become closer, Mavka must make the ultimate decision: uphold her responsibility to protect the forest against human enemies, or choose to love one instead. Either choice may lead to her ultimate sacrifice. Full of magic, adventure, and a deceitful twist, MAVKA: THE FOREST SONG is a battle of love and enchantment against dangerous demons of the past. —A.B.

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