Patrick and the Whale

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April 2, 2023 - April 9, 2023

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Josepha Andras
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Produced by the man who brought us the Oscar®-winning “My Octopus Teacher,” this beautifully framed exploration of nature centers on diver and marine videographer Patrick Dykstra and his attempt to understand and befriend sperm whales, specifically two by the names of Dolores and Can Opener. —M.G.

Overflowing with underwater cinematic magic, PATRICK AND THE WHALE dives into the fascinating world of sperm whales. Leading the voyage is expert marine videographer and photographer, Patrick Dykstra, whose deeply emotional relationship with these elusive creatures is directly responsible for the growing body of knowledge and stunning footage of sperm whales available today. In expedition after expedition, Dykstra builds intimately close connections with his 30,000-pound friends, particularly with two he’s named Dolores and Can Opener. But he must balance the fragility of that trust with the desire to push the boundaries for science. With populations dwindling worldwide, Dykstra seeks to understand and share as much as he can about these massive mammals in order to better protect them for millions of years to come. —A.B. 

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