The Grab

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Acclaimed documentarian Gabriela Cowperthwaite (“Blackfish”) and investigative journalist Nate Halvorsen follow the money and uncover the alarming, horrible truth of power-hungry private investors across the globe who are conspiring to hoard and control the world’s food and water supply. —M.G.

THE GRAB, a shocking exposé of the unknown forces potentially driving WWIII, is essential viewing for the health and safety of all humankind. When China purchased Smithfield Foods, the largest ever Chinese acquisition of an American company, the nation became owners of one-in-four American pigs. Triggering an investigation into the world’s food and water security by journalist, Nate Halverson, China’s strategy was just one of a growing trend among nations worldwide. For countries where farmland and water sources are drying up, governments are scrambling to stake their claims on resources beyond their borders to export them back home. But as food becomes the future’s most powerful weapon, who else is snatching up farmable acreage, and what means will those in power use to hoard the remaining resources on Earth? —A.B.

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