The Highway Family

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April 2, 2023 - April 9, 2023

South Korea
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When a middle-aged, grieving woman gives money to a family out of the kindness of her heart—only to learn they are homeless and living at the highway rest area—a life-altering series of events unfolds that will teach them about the importance of compassion and the endless scourge of poverty. —M.G.

After years of living without a home, Ki-woo has refined the art of the scam, using the money from his clever lies to provide just enough for his family. Every day, at different rest stops, Ki-woo approaches passersby, asking them for gas money to get his family home. Just as they are about to refuse him, Ji-sook (his pregnant wife) and their two children make their move, coming out from behind the car to plead with the good samaritan for some spare change… and how could they refuse? An enthralling emotional journey, HIGHWAY FAMILY follows Ki-woo’s family as they travel from rest stop to rest stop along the highway, until one woman takes a special interest in lending a helping hand. And although Ki-woo prefers to keep his family with him during his chaotic life on the run, the family will slowly discover that, without him, they may have the possibility to live a stable, normal life. —G.S. 

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